Chartered by Kingsway Fellowship International
The Lord's Closet
Ministries, Inc.
Is Your Local Missionary

Founded  By
Rev. Wallace J. Crowley Jr.
We would like to welcome you to The Lord's Closet Ministries, Inc. HOME PAGE and tell you a little
about the ministry.

The Lord's Closet was founded in 1989 by Rev. Wallace J. Crowley Jr.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit,
non-denominational  ministry dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the
economically disadvantaged and invisible working poor since 1989.  We supply families and
individuals with basic necessities including furniture, house hold items and appliances to reestablish
a home and maintain life in a reasonable manner after someone has been burned out or lost their
belongings due to unforeseen circumstances.  We are located in Whitehouse Station, NJ and
currently help approximately 20,000 people a year!  

This is a typical Saturday at The Lord's Closet.  TLC picks up where the social agencies leave off by
providing, free of charge, to individuals and families in need, such necessities as clean, serviceable
clothes, beds, dressers, linens, carpets, sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, house wares, major appliances, toys
and good running cars.  We also provide emotional support and a friendly countenance for people in
their new situations, as well as connections to help people find other agencies in their local
communities.   People can, thereby, attempt to re-establish a sense of belonging and direction for
their lives.

The Lord's Closet has grown tremendously since 1989 and the need for a larger facility, more trucks,
equipment, volunteers and a full time staff is evident.

We are looking to Charter churches and organizations throughout the U.S. to meet both the physical
and spiritual needs in their local communities. (see CHARTER OPPORTUNITY)

I am asking each and every one to pray for TLC and the needs of those whom God brings to our door.  
If everyone who reads this will pray, give a QUICK $ 5.00 above and become a monthly financial
partner (see MONITORY DONATIONS), more lives and destinies will be changed. Please do the very
best you can, today!

Please help TLC do the little part, which God has called us to do!

*     TLC's primary focus is directed to servicing local families in
Central New Jersey.  We are currently getting referrals from 11 Counties.

*     TLC's second focus is families living in the poverty stricken,
coal mining regions of West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee,
better known as Appalachia. We have been helping families there since 1992
and are now able to send a truck about every 3 to 5 weeks.

*     TLC supplies clothing to homeless shelters in New Jersey, New
York City and Eastern Pennsylvania upon request.

*     TLC is involved in Disaster Relief and has helped thousands of
people recover from floods and hurricanes.

*     TLC distributes bread and pastries to homeless shelters,     
rehab centers, senior centers and youth shelters every week.

*     Lastly TLC has been involved in international efforts, but is
very limited because of cost of shipping around the world.

Thank you for looking through our website.

In addition to your (Quick $ 5.00) please send the largest TAX DEDUCTIBLE gift you can today as we
begin a new year of service to you and those we help.  May God Bless you and your family as you give
to the Lord's work here at TLC!

THANK YOU for your prayers and financial support!

Mail to:
The Lord's Closet
P.O. Box 603
Lebanon, NJ 08833


Phone (908) 534-1777
Fax   (908) 534-2747

Our tractor and trailer has made it possible for thousands of children and their families to receive the
things they so desperately need.  Through your faithfulness and support TLC is ready to bless
thousands more in years to come.
A nonprofit, nondenominational ministry dedicated to meeting the physical & spiritual
needs of the economically disadvantaged & invisible working poor

Phone - (908) 534-1777                       Fax - (908) 534-2747
Chartered by Kingsway Fellowship International  of  Des Moines, IA
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The Lord's Closet continues to expand as other agencies find out about the services TLC provides.  We
are asking everyone to make a financial investment in the future of TLC.

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift of only $ 5.oo will make a difference.

Your donation is handled by -
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       2011 was one of the most trying years in the history of TLC.  For 21           
years Project Appalachia has continued on a steady pace.  When a trailer was    
loaded, the means to take it down was there.   Almost every charity in                 
America has experienced a decrease in monetary support up to 80%.
TLC is one of them.  TLC has opened a THRIFT STORE to try to keep the       
blessings moving.  Praise The Lord, TLC is still in operation.

       As of January 2012 we are sitting with
9 loaded trailers ready to go to         
Appalachia and there is still no money to go.

       Everyone who reads this, PLEASE click on the quick 5.00 button above,      
this will help  meet our financial need at this time.

       NEEDS are increasing every day!!!

       Our two greatest needs at TLC are:

       FINANCIAL SUPPORT - TLC is your local missionary meeting the            
needs of people right here in Central New Jersey and Appalachia.  Keep your    
support local.  PLEASE send your check today.  

       VOLUNTEERS -  Put your talents to work for Gods glory at TLC.  You      
 will be blessed as you bless others.  Join the TLC volunteer ministry team         

                                            May God Bless You as you Give!!
                                                             Rev. Wally
   HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  2011  ** 22 YEARS OF SERVICE **